JSP SQL Samples
Database Access Beans
JSP pages make use of database access beans, a set of beans that wrap around JDBC 2.0 functions
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JDBC 2.0 Direct Access
JSP pages make use of JDBC 2.0 directly
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SQLJ Access
Using SQLJ within the pages directly - we call those pages SQLJSP
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SQL Tags
JSP pages make use of sample SQL access tags, which are built on top of database access beans and implemented with JSP 1.1 tag extension mechanism.
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Please enter a suitable JDBC connection string, before you try the above demo
     To use the thin driver insert your host, port and database id.
     Once you have set the connection string it will remain in effect until
     the session times out for most demos.  For Connection Cache demos
     which use application scope on most servlet engines the connection 
     string will remain in effect for the life of the application.