The Java Apache Project


The Apache Group
Earth, Solar System :-)
This project is a sub-project of Apache. The Apache Group also provides the domain and virtual web server for this project.
Cisco Systems
San Jose, California, USA
Cisco Systems was the original host for the project's mail list and has contributed some source code to the project.
Organic Online
San Francisco, California, USA
Organic Online provides the physical hardware and network for the project's main web server, and has contributed some source code to the project.
Clear Ink
Walnut Creek, California, USA
Clear Ink provides the physical hardware and network for the project's development web server, CVS source code repository, and mail lists.


Active Developers
Jon Stevens
Berkeley, California, USA
Ed Korthof
San Francisco, California, USA
Stefano Mazzocchi
Pavia, Italy
PierPaolo Fumagalli
Erba, Italy
James Cooper
San Francisco, California, USA
Vadim Tkachenko
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Jean-Luc Rochat
Orleans, France
Bernard Bernstein
???, USA
Craig R. McClanahan
Portland, Oregon, USA


Inactive Developers
Alexei Kosut
Stanford, California, USA
Ian Kluft
San Jose, California, USA
Francis Lacoste
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Martin Pool
Brisbane, Australia
Brian Jonnes
Durban, South Africa
Tim Williams
Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA
Radu Greab
Tirgu Mures, Romania
Bob Tanner
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA
Ross Golder
London, UK
Roger Zeng
North York, Ontario, Canada
Brian Jonnes
Durban, South Africa
Tommy Reilly
Champaign, IL, USA
Note: inactive developers are those people that did not contribute to the project in the last few months but added important contribution in the past and for this reason deserve to be in this page.


Honorable Mention
Brian Behlendorf
San Francisco, California, USA
Brian is the father of this project since he was the one who made the call for volunteers in the Apache Group. He and Roy Fielding (cowriter of the HTTP protocol) are the original creators of the Apache Group. He is our spiritual and political guide in the open source world.
James Davidson
Sunnyvale, California, USA
James is Java Servlet API Project Lead at JavaSoft and he contributes to this project with wise suggestions and ideas. He also evaluates our proposals for API innovation and was a great help in making sure Apache JServ is compliant to the specifications.
Paul Phillips
Seattle, Washington, USA
Paul is a one of the most important Apache JServ user and great fan of open source and free software. Extensive use of Apache JServ and other Apache dynamic content generators, allowed him and Go2Net to create the famous meta search-engine which receives millions of hits each day.
Vincent Partington
Haarlem, The Netherlands
Vincent is the creator of GnuJSP, the free JSP implementation that works on top of Apache JServ to add JSP engine capabilities.
Note: these individuals deserve a mention in this page but could not fit into the other categories.

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