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Apache JServ Features

  • 100% pure Java application allows complete portability of the servlet engine
  • Works as a multi-threaded servlet server separated from web servers, to increase web server stability and save system resources
  • Integrated load balancing features allow your servlet serving power to scale with your needs
  • Smart redirection of requests allow load balancing request sessions
  • The use of a specific network protocol (AJP) allows the creation of very complex network environments (many web servers connecting to many servlet engines on different machines)
  • Servlets may be separated into different logical containers (servlet zones) to ease servlet administration and allow context separation between different servlets.
  • Servlets may be run from a directory or an archive file (jar or zip)
  • Servlets classes may be reloaded automatically when they are changed (autoreloading)
  • MD5 based connection authentication and connection IP filtering guarantees trusted servlet execution
  • Complete support for the Apache Web Server 1.2.x and 1.3.x through the mod_jserv module
  • Easier administration with separated configuration files and dynamic web pages showing status and configurations
  • Complete support for page compilation, Java server pages, server side include and template systems. (not included in this package, and available as external modules)
  • Extended logging and tracing capabilities for fine tuning and debugging
  • And, of course, all the benefits of open source...

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