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Apache JServ Future Roadmap

Servlet API 2.1 Specifications

Since the Java Apache Group actively participated in the development and definition of the Servlet API 2.1 Specifications, many changes were made to avoid platform fragmentation and allowing better servlet portability between different servlet environments. In this direction goes the deprecation of ServletRequest.getRealPath() which currently does not behave correctly and the introduction of ServletContext.getResource() to avoid the use of getRealPath() on remote systems. The implementation of AJPv2.1 is a necessary condition since RequestDispatcher relies extensively on web server callbacks.
Apache JServ Protocol Version 2.1 (AJPv21)

This protocol will allow web server callbacks and socket recycling. This will have a great impact on both performance (sockets are created and authenticated once and then reused over multiple requests) and flexibility allowing the implementation of new dispatch facilities such as RequestDispatcher. Even if current draft is considered valid for implementation, development may lead to new changes and versions of this protocol that will be stabilized only when implementation is finished.
Recycle Technology

Even if garbage collection is often a great help, many Java objects may be recycled instead of being thrown away. Performance improvements result if the time spent on creating/destroying the object is greater than the time spent to recycle/reuse it. This idea has been implemented successfully with Threads and Sockets and will be merged with Apache JServ in the future.
Administration and Installation GUIs

The Java Apache Project is working closely with W3C and the Apache GUI Project to create a sort of metaconfiguration language for administration toolkits. This language will allow single tools such as Comanche or Jack (the yet to be started Java Apache Configuration Kit) to configure everything simply by writing a metaconfiguration description of its configuration syntax along with default values, ranges, graphic styles and so on.
Integration with the Java Apache Server Framework

The Java Apache Server Framework Project is responsible for the creation of foundation code, design guidelines and patterns to allow server applications to share blocks of logic and allow faster and more parallel development. New versions of Apache JServ will be based on this server framework.
Note: if you are interested in contributing in one of these areas, you are more than welcome to join the development team and share your knowledge, ideas and suggestions with us. The more we are, the better Apache JServ becomes.

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