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Java Server Side Include
Apache JSSI

Apache JSSI is Java servlet that provides support for including dynamic servlet output from within HTML documents via the <SERVLET> tag as specified by the JavaSoft Java Web Server.

Apache JSSI parses JHTML files, executes the servlets as specified by the <SERVLET> tag and replaces those tags with the output of the executed servlet. The <SERVLET> tag can be seen as the server side equivalent of the <APPLET> tag.

Additionally, Apache JSSI understands some traditional SSI commands like <--#include--> or <--#echo-->.

Apache JSSI is a servlet based on the JavaSoft Servlet API 2.0 and can be executed by any web server that can execute such servlets.


Web Publishing Frameworks

Cocoon is a 100% pure Java publishing framework servlet that relies on new W3C technologies (such as DOM, XML, and XSL) to provide web content.

The Cocoon project aims to change the way web information is created, rendered and delivered. This new paradigm is based on fact that document content, style and logic are often created by different individuals or working groups. Cocoon aims to a complete separation of the three layers, allowing the three layers to be independently designed, created and managed, reducing management overhead, increasing work reuse and reducing time to market.


Page Compilers
GNU Java Server Pages

GNUJSP is a free implementation of JavaSoft's Java Server Pages. Once the GNUJSP servlet is correctly installed, files with the extension .jsp are translated into java source files, compiled, and ran.
GNU Server Pages

GSP is the GNU Server Pages; it's a Java servlet which provides page compilation using a syntax which is compatible with (and extends) that used in the Java Web Server page compiler as well as many other page compiler products.


Template Systems
WebMacro Java Servlet Toolkit

WebMacro is a Java server-side web template engine and servlet development framework distributed under the GPL (version 2) (but other licenses are available to commercial users who cannot deal with GPL'd code).

The WebMacro philosophy is basically: "Things that you don't care about should get out of your face." Programmers should not have their code cluttered up with HTML and stylesheet junk. Web page designers should not have to put up with complex and scary looking program code. WebMacro lets programmers get back to programming--in a full fledged programming language; while letting page designers spend more time on appearances and less time on figuring out how to get more whitespace out of a CGI script.

It is similar to JSP and various other template languages, but with some key differences:
  • The template language is really compact and simple. It is not a verbose jumble of XML tags, and it does not look like C.
  • The template language is compatible with XML/SGML; unlike many other languages which blatantly violate the standard with <% and friends.
  • WebMacro makes heavy use of reflection and introspection and is compatible with the Beans component architecture. You really can just throw standard Java objects at the template language, and it will figure out what to do with them--no odd looking data structures to wedge your data into.


Note: these modules are developed separately from the Apache JServ project even if some of the authors are active members of the Apache JServ development team. For this reason any problem with these packages should be forwarded directly to them.

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