Hello World Page Simplest possible use of an XSQL page.
Employee Page Shows XML output from a query against the EMP table. Accepts an optional 'find' URL parameter.
Insurance Claim Page   Shows several queries against a richly nested object view for insurance claims.
Invalid Classes Page XSQL page using object view query and XSLT stylesheet to show list of errors for Oracle8i Java classes.
Do You XML? Site Simple dynamic website built using XSQL
Emp/Dept ObjectView Demo Shows Departments and Employees using an Object View to group master/detail information.
Airport Code Validation   DHTML page validates airport codes using an XSQL Page as an "XML Data Service"
Airport Code Display Visualizes matching airport codes using same XSQL page as previous demo.
Airport SOAP Service Implements a SOAP service to return airport descriptions using an XSQL page
Adhoc Query Visualization   Type in any query and view XML results, optionally using a stylesheet.
XML Document Demo   Post XML documents for storage in the server and view their contents, optionally formatted by a stylesheet
XML Insert Request Demo   Post XML documents from the Browser using Javascript for insert into the server.
Scalable Vector Graphics Demo   Query department data and use XSLT to transform into a colorful, scalable barchart using scalable vector graphics (SVG). Requires an SVG plugin, like the one from Adobe or others.