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The Apache JServ Project

Apache JServ is a 100% pure Java servlet engine fully compliant with the JavaSoft Java Servlet APIs 2.0 specification. Since we believe in the great value complete portability between different servlet platforms, together with portability of Java binary code, we worked very close with JavaSoft and other JVM implementers to provide correct interpretations or Java specifications both for servlets and for the Java language itself.

The result is a pure servlet engine that works on any "version 1.1 compliant" Java Virtual Machine (see supported platform for more information on this topic) and may execute any Java servlet compliant with version 2.0.

To obtain such complete abstraction from native environments, Apache JServ 1.0 was designed as a server application serving requests made with a specific protocol (simply enough named Apache JServ Protocol). Then, included modules allow the web server to "translate" servlet requests and forward them to the right servlet engine.

At this moment, the Apache JServ distribution contains only a module for the Apache Web Server (mod_jserv).

Thanks for your support.
The Java Apache Project


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